Wholetones for Dogs Review

Product Name: Wholetones for Dogs

Author Name: Michael S Tyrrell 

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Wholetones for Dogs ReviewDo you know that the best way to keep your dogs happy and healthy is music? Just like us, it soothes and relaxes them which is very important to keep them well-behaved. Wholetones for Dogs is the perfect remedy for your favourite pet. It will keep it free from anxiety and stress and help it to turn out to be one of the best companions of your life. Read the review to know more about it.

What is Wholetones for Dogs?

Wholetones for Dogs are calming and soothing music for dogs that are aggressive, disobedient, and badly behaved. The Wholetones will help you to deal with problems such as unwanted barking, whimpering, whining, jumping on visitors and chewing. You don’t need medicines, doctors, therapy exercises or other costly solutions to heal your pet as music will act as a panacea.

Created by Michael S Tyrrell the healing frequency music is a natural cure for your dogs. It will be your ultimate remedy when it comes to treating them with care and affection.

How does Wholetones for Dogs work?

The frequency music will help your pup to alleviate and control wild behaviour such has unnecessary barking, whimpering, whining, and chewing. By playing the songs, you can also deal with anxiety levels of your pets due to thunder, fireworks, gunshots. The music will calm during stress, give relief from anxiety levels, and get rid of all the bad habits such as barking, chewing, biting, itching, scratching, etc. so that you can have a well-behaved and playful companion who will always listen to you.

The duration of the music is 22:22 minutes and you need to get tuned to a Frequency (396Hz) which has been scientifically recommended to cure your dogs. In fact, it will also help you to relax and revitalize perfectly and get the peace of mind that you need for a sound sleep. The best thing about the music is that it will create a positive vibe around your pet and make it feel happy.

Wholetones for Dogs ReviewWhat will you get from Wholetones for Dogs?

  • The frequency music will help you to get rid of unwanted barking, whimpering, whining, and chewing.
  • The frequency music will help you to deal with anxiety levels in your pet and make him feel satisfied.
  • The frequency music will help you to calm & relax your pup at the time of thunder, fireworks, and deal with the trauma after surgery.

Bonus Package:

  • Get an eBook “The Sound of Healing” absolutely free. It will explain to you how to make most of your listening experience.

Wholetones for Dogs ReviewPros:

  • Natural healing: No medicines, no doctors, you can heal your pup by playing wonderful music. It will act as therapeutic and help your puppy to cure it and make it obedient.
  • Over 2 hours of non-stop music: The exact duration of the songs are 22:22 minutes and you can play them anywhere be it your home or anywhere else. Just set them on your CD player and play to make your pup cheerful and relaxed.
  • Offers several benefits for your pet: Right from pacifying your pup, to making it cheerful, from alleviating anxiety levels to superfluous whimpering, the lullabies perform several beneficial functions for your pet. Come home and see your pet being happy and playful.
  • Reasonable shipping prices: You will be charged a very nominal amount for handling and delivery costs. As soon as you place the order online, the company will dispatch your product promptly to your doorstep.


  • There is no offline availability. It is only sold online.
  • It only calms dogs, not other pets.

Wholetones for Dogs ReviewConclusion:

Wholetones for Dogs is the ideal gift for your dog if you love and care for it. It will simply make your pup the best pet on the planet. Happy, playful, relaxed, obedient. If you are still not convinced, you can get 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can always get a refund. No questions will be asked. Hurry, place your order right now to grab this golden opportunity.

wholetones for dogs review

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