Wholetones 2 Sleep Review

Product Name: Wholetones 2sleep

Author Name: Michael S. Tyrrell

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Wholetones 2Sleep Review

Sleep is important to our health. More than 70 million people suffer from sleep problems such as insomnia. Our body functions with the proper maintenance to keep us healthy while we are at sleep. Many of us struggle with poor quality sleep and sleep deprivation. The lack of sleep will cause high blood pressure, obesity, leisure activities, healthy eating, exercise, energy, poor concentration. Music highly helps people for hundreds of years. Are you troubled to fall asleep through the night? If you want to get a deep sleep and wake up refreshed in the next morning, Wholetones 2 Sleep will help you to stay relaxed, and get good night sleep by listening to the music.

What is Wholetones 2 Sleep?

Wholetones 2sleep is the speaker and portable music player that helps people who are struggling through the sleepless night due to many reasons. Michael S. Tyrrell helps you to get the peaceful and restorative sleep. You can take this portable music player anywhere, and it includes six songs from Love, Life, and Lullabies collection. You have to set the infinite loop to play every night. This player is pre-loaded with amazing sleep frequency music, Life, Love and Lullabies. You can also use the audio jack for private listening. It helps the person who can’t shut off the brain for parents, shift workers, kids, babies, and ill people.

How Does Wholetones 2 Sleep Work?

Wholetones 2 Sleep includes Life, Love, and Lullabies collection which provides six beautiful songs. Each one is thirty minutes in length, three hours of music to fall asleep such as Brahm Lullaby, Suo Gan, All Through The Night, Gabriella, All The Party Horses, and Angels All Around Us. It uses the unique frequency that helps with sleeping, calming, and changing the atmosphere. It makes the brainwave frequency change into the slow delta. This Healing Frequency Music Player will help you to promote positive and healthy transformation through beautiful, refreshing music which facilitates mental and physical healings. It helps you to improve the function of the organ. This music player will enhance the productivity, spawning of creative ideas, vibrant health, and great sense of peace and calm. By using this Wholetones 2sleep, you will get alert and more relaxed to sleep in a matter of minutes.

Wholetones 2Sleep Review

What Will You Get From Wholetones 2sleep?

In this Wholetones 2sleep, you will get the brain frequency to make your body and mind normalise to measure the frequencies. You will experience the refreshing good night’s sleep.

  • Delta Waves (0.1 to 3.5 Hz): Delta waves are the sleep frequencies which is used to get the deep relaxation states and drowsiness.
  • Beta( Over 12 Hz): Beta is the active brain wave when making or thinking the tough decision.
  • Theta( 4 to 8 Hz): Theta waves is the frequency theta which improves the daydreaming, creativity, sensations, fantasy, and memories.
  • Gamma(Over 30 Hz): Gamma waves produced by every part of the brain will increase the ability to learn and get good memory.
  • Alpha( 8 to 12 Hz): Alpha will improve the deep sense of relaxation and enhance the ability for the brain coordination.

Wholetones 2Sleep Review


  • Wholetones 2sleep helps you to listen to the relaxing and peace-inducing music.
  • It includes the top quality earbuds for individual listening.
  • You will create the sense of calm and peace.
  • It helps you to change the atmosphere wherever on your excellent sleep.
  • You will get more relaxation and peace listening to each song instantly.
  • It includes charging cable and wall charger.
  • This device is user-friendly and highly reliable.
  • This music player is available at reasonable price.


  • Wholetones 2sleep is available Online only.
  • You have to follow the given instructions properly before you use this Wholetones 2sleep.


Wholetones 2sleep is the highly-recommended for people who wish to fall asleep faster, staying asleep throughout the whole night. This music player helps you to get the excellent health, protect yourself, and health of your beloved ones. It provides you with the money back guarantee. It is guaranteed to get the better sleep and better health every night for life. You will get healthier feeling than ever before. Just get this Wholetones 2sleep with six lullabies. It is offered for limited supply. Hurry Up!

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Updated: August 9, 2018 — 7:30 am