MyCajita Review

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MyCajita Review

The South American city of Mexico beckons everyone with its contemporary hotels, historical sites, fabulous cuisine, riveting nightlife, and great shopping opportunities. But you can capture its vibe without traveling there. MyCajita presents the ideal opportunity for you to get a taste of culture, art, history, food, and lifestyle of the fascinating city by sitting at your home. Read the review to know what it’s exactly all about.

About MyCajita:

MyCajita is a monthly subscription box that delivers premium items that truly capture Mexican essence and spirit. You will get an exciting range of authentic lifestyle products consisting of food, drink, home décor, textiles, music, fashion, travel, art, history, and more imported from the land of Mexico to elevate your living experience and take it to the next level.

MyCajita was conceptualized to depict, share and celebrate Mexican diversity of culture, customs and influence. It allows subscribers to get a feel of Mexican culture and history without taking a flight to the famous South American country. 

How does MyCajita work?

  • Step One: Join: Firstly, you need to sign up on the website and become a member.
  • Step Two: Unbox: Every month you will get a box of surprise delivered to your doorstep.
  • Step Three: Enjoy: Unbox and enjoy freshly curated products each month to keep boredom at bay and bring a refreshing change to your lifestyle.


What are the products you can get by subscribing to MyCajita?

  • Salud Box: In this box, you can get delicious cocktails and drinks curated straight from the land of Mexico. It comes with 4 mouth-blown imported glasses, Talavera coasters, Margarita Lime rimming salt, and Organic Agave Nectar to make your cocktail party come alive with friends and family.
  • Luz: In this package, you will get Barro Negro (black clay) lantern from San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oaxaca. Besides the lantern, you will also get a rose scented handcrafted candle. The candle is non-toxic and is made from natural soy wax, essential oils, superior aroma, and cotton-braided wicks.
  • Picnic Box: This box comprises a hand-woven blanket that will give you protection from the chilled weather. Made from rich textiles, traditional designs with modern colors, it will be perfect for outdoors. There is also a leather blanket included in the box.
  • Cafe de Olla: With a combination of sweet and spice, this box has been designed just for you. It consists of Hand-Made/Painted Olla (100% Lead-Free), 6 oz. Bags of Café de México(1) 4 oz. Piloncillo (Brown Sugar), 4 oz. Bag of Canela (Cinnamon) and 4 oz. Bag of Spices (Cloves & Star Anise)
  • Rebozos: A rebozo is a long flat garment used by women. It is similar to a shawl and acts as an accessory to provide warmth. It can be wrapped around a shoulder to complement the outfit you are wearing.
  • Rokz Sweet Heat Cocktail Sugar: Make 40 drinks with lime syrup by adding Mexican ancho chilli and raw sugar. Serve delicious and relish your senses.
  • Itztic: It includes traditional Mexican winter apparel such as Quechquemitl (Neck Garment) and Rebozo (Shawl).
  • Cacao: Savor the taste of authentic Mexican chocolates with items in the box like Hand-Crafted Molinillo (Wooden Whisk), Hand-Painted Jarritos (100% Lead-Free), ClasicOaxaca Chocolate, 500g, Seasons of my Heart, 227g and Chocolate Mayordomo, 500g.
  • Mole: Get handmade Oaxacan cooking pottery as a specimen of rich Mexican artistry. The box also features Guelaguetza Mole Negro, 16 oz, and 100% Lead-Free Cazuela de Barro (Clay Pan).


  • Customized options: You will get the opportunity of customizing your monthly subscription box if you place orders. In such cases, you will be able to choose and decide which items or articles you want inside the box.
  • Fresh and variety of products every month: Each monthly box will deliver a different experience, from conventional to modern through a range of products. Every box revolves around a theme. Thus you will get an enriching Mexican experience for a grand lifestyle.
  • Buy multiple boxes: If you are an active member and love all the products delivered to you, then you can opt for multiple boxes at once. You need to send an email to the company for confirming your request.
  • Cancel your subscription anytime: Subscribers and members can enjoy the exclusive freedom to quit anytime by canceling their subscriptions. To do it, send an email to the company regarding it. You can also skip one-month subscription and still maintain continuity.


  • There is no offline ability
  • There is a fee for joining


Final Verdict:

If you want to gift something special to your dear ones or surprise your loved person on occasion, then MyCajita is the best choice for you. The exotic and delightful products in the box will surely enthrall you and help you to turn your heads. Orders are shipped on the 15th of each month and inside 1-2 business days upon ordering.

Relish the rich taste and culture of Mexico by signing up right now.


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